Family Hope Centre - Kenya


               Discovering The Gift of Every Child

Family Hope Kenya is a community and faith based learning centre for orphans, children from less fortunate families and many others that face serious social and economic challenges. It was founded on 5th January the year 2015. It was not an easy thing to begin since there were no ready funds.
The pioneers took a step of faith,took personal savings, sold housewares to make the center move. They took a planned survey in the houses with silent and hopeless cries for help,visited and still visits the families and give what they have and buy books and other school needs for the children and walk them to school.
At the center, the children are taught the relevant syllabus by volunteer teachers. The founders walk every morning and evening to help the children cross the high traffic roads to and from the center [ the now famous walking bus}. One of the founders is also a counselor of the sick, especially cancer and HIV patients and he plays a major role in the lives of the children and their families.
We work together with a local Children's Hospital from which the center accesses medical support. We also work with individuals and organizations willing to help us build the future of a child. We have a small bakery where we bake bread for children use and some sold to help facilitate the children's need at the center.
Remember that you too can join us as a global parent who cares for the global family. Help us build a better future children.


Family Hope - Kenya is committed to offering education for children from less priviledged families. This invloves but not limited to offering full-sponsorship, partial-sponsorship, learning materials, school uniforms, and foodstuffs.


The center also organizes events and activities that help identify,tap and nurture the talents of children and youths.



To be a full-fledged educational center with the capacity to offer primary,secondary and tertiary Education.


To be a leading organization that effectively and efficiently transforms lives.



To help in poverty eradication by empowering children through education.


To rehabilitate and transform the lives of many children who are roaming in the streets due to lack of  resources to put them in school.


To eliminate recurrent ignorance that clouds many families due to lack of formal education.

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